Bust out the deck today in honor of National Card Playing Day!

Yep, today is National Card Playing Day which really never gets the recognition it deserves, sadly being sandwiched in between two somewhat 'slightly' more popular holidays, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Poker is the name of the game.

That being said, no card-carrying member of my poker team would be caught without an ace up our sleeve when it comes to celebrating our favorite card games. The ace up our sleeve is metaphorically speaking of course.

According to multiple sources online, UNO is the most popular card game in the USA.

Card games have been around a while. And for that we are grateful!

We are a house of cards and play very traditional card games apparently because after a little research today I found that out of the ten most popular card games in the world, I was only familiar with 5 out of 5 of these games!

Peanuts, anyone?

Have you ever heard of or played " Peanuts" in your life? What about Palace? When did these two card games even become a thing? Seriously? If you've played or know how to play, hit us up on the station apps and let us know! We want you to teach us!

Okay even if you know Peanuts, you might not know the history of the creation of card games, which originated in China. The history of playing cards is fascinating.

Art of Impossible/YouTube
Art of Impossible/YouTube

I love this video on the history of playing cards from Art of Impossible on YouTube.


Are you playing with a full deck?

Take a guess at the oldest card printing company? That honor goes to the United States Playing Card Company whose brand Bicycle is world-renowned.

Your turn to shuffle. Let's play!

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