Is it just me, or does it seem as if Taylor Swift, among others, is spending an inordinate amout of time courting the movie industry? The newly released "The Lorax" features the voice of the multi-talented Miss Swift and now the movie world awaits her musical contribution to "Hunger Games".

Taylor Swift is featured on not one, but two songs on the Hunger Games soundtrack with "Safe & Sound" featuring The Civil Wars and “Eyes Open.” She told Yahoo! that it was easy getting involved in the film because she loves the trilogy, and the producers went above and beyond her expectations. Their “authenticity was why [she] wanted to write music” for the soundtrack. While meeting with Lionsgate and T Bone Burnett who produced the soundtrack, they told her the musical concept “reflects what Appalachian music will sound like in 300 years.” Listen for Taylor’s songs throughout the Hunger Games film which hits theaters on March 23rd.
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