Here it comes, that holiday in which we celebrate our love, Valentine's Day. You know the routine, flowers, candy, cards, stuffed animals, jewelry, all typical gifts given to our respective significant others. How much will you spend this year?

According to a study from WalletHub, based on the amount of cash spent, Valentine's Day is the 3rd largest holiday in the country reaching nearly $20 billion dollars. Breaking that down, the average person will spend just over $146 this year. If you don't think the holiday is important to women, 53% surveyed sad they would bent their relationship if they didn't get something for the holiday. As far as making commitments, an estimated 14 million proposals will be made that day.

Meanwhile, just over 45% of adults won't be celebrating the holiday, and 50% of singles are quite happy being that way.

Here's another interesting factoid: 20% of those surveyed said they will be buying Valentine's gifts for their pets.

What will you be planning, a romantic dinner? Flowers and candy?

For the complete breakdown on the study, check it out here.