Some people are just irritating. Some people can't help it and others do it on purpose. I personally like to think  Simon Cowell is in the latter category. I think he has made a point of being an obnoxious, opinionated jerk... and he's really good at it!

 Simon Cowell may be known for his harsh comments while judging American Idol, but he left the show long before Scotty McCreery took the show’s top title in May. That didn’t stop him from taking a little dig at the North Carolina native when talking to TMZ recently. Simon was asked to do an American accent, and in response he did his worst Southern drawl, saying, “Y’all gonna love this…I love you this big.” Good thing he didn’t try that with this year’s runner-up, Lauren Alaina, since she isn’t afraid of the X Factor judge.  CMT Daily Roundup reports that Miss Alaina said, “Daddy’s a lot like him, but my daddy can say it nicer. He’s Southern. But, [laughs] I think I could have handled him. I could have handled, Simon. Bring it Simon.” Both Scotty and Lauren are anticipating the release of their debut albums. Scotty’s Clear as Day comes out October 4th, while Lauren’s Wildflower hits stories the 11th.

 I suppose all of his mouthing off and bravado make for good television... but, so would a good old fashioned butt kickin'. I'm just sayin'.
 You can hear Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina every day on KIXS 108... but you won't be hearing Simon Cowell.