Earlier today, I delivered flowers to the Exterran office.  Among the delivery of beautiful flowers, a friendly banter ensued.  Before long the girls in the office were searching their desk for ketchup packets,  comparing the different places and getting really excited about it.  I get it!  You're cooped up all day long in a square talking to customers and the little things give you those giggles that get you through the day.  I know there is probably an office clown(KATIE) that keeps you entertained and the lucky one(BREANNA) that just always happen to win stuff!  Sometimes you don't even know how you got on the subject you are talking about but it's just funny! Looks like the office over at Exterran has all these elements going on and looks like a fun place to work :)!   I would ask what subjects arise during the course of your friendly banter throughout the day.  Then I would be scare of some of the answers I might see LOL.  When are the barbacoa tacos again?