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Road rage might have triggered a flea market shooting in Houston yesterday.

According to, yesterday's flea market shooting might have been the end result of road rage when a male exited his vehicle at the flea market in the 8700 block of Airline Drive in Houston Texas, and fired into a crowd in the flea market's parking lot.

Three people were injured in the shooting.

"Two victims were treated at the hospital, and one was treated at the scene. All are expected to make a full recovery. The sheriff's office said it could have been much worse because of the size of the crowd at the market," KHOU reported.

The shooter has not been identified at this time.

At this time, the shooting suspect has not been identified nor taken into custody, leaving Texans to wonder not only who the shooter is, but what the motive for the shooting was as well.

Road Rage Statistics

Did you know that aggressive driving accounts for over half of all fatal accidents?

According to staggering reports from sources like, road rage, occurs when a driver experiences extreme aggression or anger intending to create or cause physical harm. Texas ranks #2 in the country for most instances of road rage with only Florida ranking ahead of us.

How to help yourself with road rage.

Road rage seems to be a real issue for Americans, and thankfully no one was killed in what is suspected as being a road rage-driven shooting spree in Houston yesterday.

Taking deep breaths after an incident can help you remain calm. Not taking any driving incident personally is another frequent tip, as well as avoiding eye contact with an angry driver and not responding to angry gestures can help you avoid being the victim or the aggressor on the road.

We will keep you updated.

This is an ongoing investigation and we will keep you updated.

Be safe Victoria and take your time on the road!

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