Laptop Giveaway at Honda of Victoria!

Honda of Victoria wants to help families without devices for their students. As previously reported by VISD there are hundreds of Crossroads students still waiting for devices. There is a nationwide shortage but Honda does have TEN for our students and here is how to apply to get one of them.

Honda of Victoria offers,

"Here at Honda of Victoria, we believe that children are our future and with those children in mind, we proudly announce our Laptop Giveaway!

We want to give back to our community, and the best way is to do that is by involving our community in the decision!

We ask the Crossroads community to nominate a student that is in need of a laptop so that they can continue their school year during this pandemic.

Please tell us your story and we will reward 10 kids at the end of the month!

Here are the steps to enter:

• Like Honda of Victoria on Facebook AND share this post.

• Comment with a picture of the child you are nominating. Tell us what their favorite subject is in school and how they would benefit from a brand new laptop.

• Ask family, friends, co-workers, to like our Honda Facebook page, and like the picture of the child they will be voting for.

• Check our page daily to see how they are doing and continue encouraging everyone to support this effort within our community.

The 10 children who receive the most ‘likes’ on our page will be announced as winners. The deadline is 4:00 pm on Saturday 8/29.

To celebrate the success of our youth, we are also hosting a back to school cookout event here at our dealership located at 116 Huvar St. In Victoria, Texas on Saturday 8/29. The cookout starts at 12:00 pm, and we will be serving hotdogs and hamburgers fresh off the grill!

We will adhere to social distancing and all CDC guidelines for the safety of everyone. We look forward to your support as we move forward together!"

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