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Crossroads Customer Service: Where Do We Rank?

Are We Lacking In the Crossroads for Good Quality Customer Service?

Maybe it's because both JP and I were formally waiters in the Crossroads (shout out to Boudreaux's and Casa Ole) that we have strong opinions about customer service in the Crossroads.

At the end of the day that means we give lots of grace too because, "we've been there."

Is customer service getting worse or better in the Crossroads?

This past week I was in a drive thru line and encountered a situation where there was an error with the car's order in front of me. The line was backed up and by the time I got to the window, I could tell that the young workers at the window were more than stressed. At one point a car even honked. GRRRRRRR!

Bored woman sitting in a car in traffic jam looking through the open window.

My order was wrong. 

By the time I got home and opened my bag I was not surprised that the order was wrong. In fact, just rewinding the last half hour of my life sitting in a line watching the chaos, I should have guessed it would be. I ate it anyway.

Newsweek just released their 2022 article on Best In State in Customer Service and check out Forbes Magazine 15 Stats About Post Covid Customer Service.

Do you think customer service got better or worse since COVID?

According to Forbes, 75% of consumers say customer service worsened during the pandemic!

"Staffing shortages, supply chain issues and a host of other challenges plagued customer service during the pandemic. But as we leave the pandemic behind, too many companies are still using it as an excuse for poor service instead of finding new ways to serve customers." Forbes offers.

Where do you think Crossroads ranks when it comes to customer service post COVID?

Last but not least, on a positive note, where can you expect the best customer service in the Crossroads?

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