We've spent the last few weeks celebrating all of the good coming down the tracks and through our Crossroads community and we haven't run out of steam for our LOVE TRAIN yet!  We've partnered with Roks Diesel to recognize businesses and individuals who are doing good deeds in the Crossroads. Get on board the Love Train Victoria! No tickets are needed to board, just let us know what business or individual you want us to recognize because good things are always happening in the Crossroads and we are always happy to share those with our community!

Today, in fact, we'd like you to ride the Love Train along with us as we commend these two wonderful businesses, Honda of Victoria and our Victoria Police Department.

Honda of Victoria is doing something awesome again! That's right! A few weeks ago we featured them for their generosity by gifting laptops to deserving students, well someone called again to say that Honda of Victoria gave $500 to not 1 but 5 local youth organizations too. Honda of Victoria asked people to nominate youth organizations that needed extra help and they delivered! Congratulations goes to; Victoria West Football, Victoria East Softball, Basketball and Baseball as well as Texas Dream Football Club!

Here is the announcement of winners on Facebook.

Next, we have our esteemed Victoria Police Department who banded together with local organizations to spearhead our CommUNITY sign located on Main next to the Street of Ten Friends.

What a fun project this has been!!

"Together, several local organizations were given a plain 4x8 sheet of plywood and assigned a letter to ultimately spell “COMMUNITY” to promote this year’s National Night Out……or "National Night In" 2020. This was another way to engage with the community members. The organizations came up with some outstanding ideas for their letters!" Victoria Police Department offers.

Here is the fabulous sign complete with lighting for night time viewing! GO check it out and get some great pics too!


If you know of a business and individual you'd like to see featured on our LOVE Train, just let us know by nominating them TODAY! 

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