A new video game came out today from EA.  Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, The Masters.  Finally you have your chance to win the popular green jacket.  We have seen some of the greatest golfers wear the jacket and finally you have your chance to do the same.  In a video game though. 

For the first time in video game history you can now play that popular course known as Augusta National.  It's actually a good marketing plan as the actual Masters Tournament begins next Monday and Tuesday with practice rounds.  Round 1 of the Masters will begin next Thursday and the final round next Sunday.

If you have ever played Tiger's golf game you will appreciate the new addition to the game, including many more not found in previous versions.  New features include help from your caddie, where he will give you tips on wind, ball lie, different clubs to use, basically what a real life caddie would do.  You can play historic moments from the Masters as well, and even relive 4 of Tiger's wins at the Masters.

New courses too, which includes Augusta National Golf Club, Royal Melbourne Golf Club (Australia), Atlanta Athletic Club, TPC San Antonio, St Andrews Links and Pebble Beach Golf Links.  As you can see it's a top notch golf game, unlike John Daly's failed Pro Stroke Golf which came out earlier this year. 

Golf games are hard to make, especially when your trying to recreate a well known course like Augusta, or Pebble Beach.  They have never let me down with golf games as Tiger Woods PGA Tour has improved greatly throughout the past few years with new features not even heard of 10 years ago.  Especially with the new Playstation Move which will be available with the new Tiger Woods golf game.  I'm excited to hit the links, are you?  Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 "The Masters" comes out today!