With the memories of Harvey and the destruction Harvey brought to our community and to our neighbors, it's not hard to recall both the bad and the good that came from Harvey's destruction now that Hurricane Laura has made landfall and the sun has risen in its wake.

As hard as it was to live without electrical for days and to navigate our way through insurance issues and damage throughout our home and community, the one thing I will never forget is my restored faith in humanity as I saw members of my extended family, the human race, extending their hands to help.

My children and I spent our first days after the wake fo Harvey inside Guerilla Gourmet where we helped serve thousands of community members without food and I'll never forget the moments I had to look out while working and seeing tired families still smiling and holding each other, holding onto hope that things would get better. This will always be one of my precious life long memories. I saw it throughout the community every day, hours on end, for weeks on end.

In the face of destruction, we had each other. We also had the help of total strangers coming from all over the world and the United States to equally lend a hand. There isn't a friend of mine in Victoria that doesn't recall how incredible it was to know the calvary came in a convoy to help, and they didn't even know who we were, only that we needed them. Amazing.

Proving once again that through empathy and kindness we can all make a difference.

Now our neighbors to the East need our help.

Here is our chance to pay it forwardHere is how we can help, today. 

Platinum Homes Investments is hosting a donation drive. Located at 4104 Houston Highway at Club Portal, donations can be dropped off this Friday from 2-6, Saturday from 12-6, and Monday from 2-6.

They are looking for essential items East Texan and Lousiana will need immediately like non-perishable food, baby diapers, blankets, flashlights, paper plates, toothbrushes, trash bags, can openers, coolers, mosquito spray.

The list goes on. If you were affected by Hurricane Harvey, you might remember what your immediate needs were. Those are the items our neighbors need now. 

Hurrciane Laura

All you have to do is load your donated items in the back of your trunk, meet us at 4104 Houston Highway were volunteers will unload your donation and put it into the hands of those who need it most, East Texas and Louisiana.

And also if there is anyone who would like to volunteer or make a monetary donation can call for more information at 361- 649-1979. 

Thank you with all of our hearts for your donations.

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