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The City of Victoria Municipal Court is now offering super new convenient ways to get your questions answered with ease! 

In fact, residents now have two new options for contacting Municipal Court staff to ask questions and get help with accessing court services. One of the common questions is  "How much is my citation?" The new services can get your questions answered FAST!

Option One

The court has added a new chatbox to its webpage, where you are free to ask your municipal court-related questions.

It's so easy!!! You can type your questions right into the chat box to receive live assistance from a Municipal Court clerk, just like I have done here!

Ingra Lee/TSM
Ingra Lee/TSM

Or, check this out!

Option Two

You can also now text your questions to 361-210-3600!

According to the City of Victoria Civic Alert which you can read in its entirety here, "Residents who submit questions after hours will receive a response during business hours. Residents who use the chatbox after hours will be asked to supply an email address so they can be contacted."

“We want to make it as easy as possible for residents to have access to us in whatever way is most comfortable for them,” said Municipal Court Administrator Tiffany Totah.

But that's not all!

Eligible court cases do not have to appear at the physical Municipal Court office. E-Court Appearances are offered for eligible cases allowing defendants to dispose of eligible cases via a video conference with the judge through the use of Zoom either on your computer or mobile device!

Thank you, City of Victoria Municipal Court for making life a whole lot easier!

To learn more about Municipal Court services, visit, call 361-485-3050 or visit the City of Victoria Municipal Court on Facebook here.

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