Just a few short weeks ago Bon Appetit writer Alex Beggs wrote an excellently quipped article, 'Why Are H-E-B's Flour Tortillas So Dang Good?' where she details her obsession for flour tortillas from H-E-B.

Yes ma'am! I feel ya!

Since we have all been so preoccupied with this whole Coronavirus thing you might have missed Begg's article, so we're including it below because of both the hilarity of the article and it's accuracy. H-E-B tortillas are the best-manufactured tortillas in the country. Sadly, you can't buy H-E-B tortillas online so if you ain't in Texas or can't get them delivered to you, you're out of luck.

Na- na- boo-boo. Texas rules.

If you have ever brought kids inside of H-E-B you know it's a tradition to stop by the bakery and watch the tortillas being rolled and heated down the conveyor where they are packaged while still warm. That is, if the scrumptious tortillas even make it to the package. I've actually stood in line before to grab a few of the 'irregular' pieces the bakery hands- out and pretended it was all for the kids.

Often, if your kiddo is especially polite the baker will hand your child a whole tortilla which I immediately grab and break in half to devour my portion. Don't judge, I at least get 'half' the credit for teaching my children good manners. Half the manners, half the tortilla! Also, I've been known to rally my children to ask the baker for a few whole tortillas playing it off that my children need to practice" talking to adults".

Recently I've noticed a rather peculiar behavior I have when it comes to  H-E-B tortillas. Even without kids in tow I always head to the bakery to grab a package, but lately with COVID-19 regulations, I have become acutely aware of how difficult it is to not run my hand over the tops of the stacked packages of tortillas in search of the warmest wrapped batch.

Admit it, how many times have you opened a fresh H-E-B warm tortilla package and eaten one while you're still in the store? I thought so. At least, I hope so.

In fact, if you could wrap yourself in a warm tortilla you would do that too right? Great! Here is a tortilla blanket with your name on it! Have you seen these? Here is the link to the Original Tortilla Blanket, and here is the link to Alex Begg's tribute to H-E-B- tortillas, the best in the country!

Early I was kidding about those who don't live in Texas so if you know someone who would love a dozen or two of H-E-B's tortillas, you can always order them from HEB curbside and mail them yourself. Here is the link to H-E-B curbside.

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