H-E-B is Updating Toilet Paper Limits and More AGAIN
With COVID-19 cases on the rise, grocery store shelves are starting to look like they did a couple of months ago.  H-E-B has taken notice and has put a limit on toilet paper, paper towels, and brisket, once again!
As of Saturday, June 27th the purchasing limits were reinstated...
HEB Tortillas Ranked Number One In The Country
H-E-B tortillas are the best-manufactured tortillas in the country. Nah, the world. Sadly, you can't buy H-E-B tortillas online so if you ain't in Texas or can't get them delivered to you, you're out of luck.
H-E-B Expanding Hours
In addition to being open longer, H-E-B will also relax some item limitations and reopen departments that were shuttered in the earliest days of the pandemic.
DIY for Antibacterial Products
With antibacterial products potentially running low in stock it might be a good idea to consider making your own antibacterial items for your household.
Beware the H-E-B Facebook Scam
You see a lot of special promotions on Facebook and other social media all the time but, are they really legit? Recently one popped up that promised a $200 voucher to 1,000 customers of the H-E-B grocery chain. The 'promotion' was supposedly in celebration of the store's birthday...
Ice Cream Recalled By H-E-B Over Possible Broken Metal
Please no, not ice cream, my weakness, especially this time of year. Yes, H-E-B has issued a voluntary recall of certain ice cream products after pieces of broken metal were discovered in processing equipment. The affected brands include EconoMax Nepolitan and Vanilla, Hill Country Fare ice cream, a…
How About a Bowl of ‘Slam Duncan O’s’ Cereal?
How do you honor one of the greatest NBA players of all time who's retired? With their own branded breakfast cereal, of course.
H-E-B has introduced a limited edition cereal called 'Slam Duncan O's' at 166 stores within San Antonio and surrounding areas to honor Spurs great Tim Du…

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