Moody Gardens in Galveston has so much going on this summer for your whole family to enjoy.  I'm a big fan of this place and every time I go there is always something new and different to check out.  They have added on to the Rain forest Pyramid.  They have also added on to the Palm Beach area including a lazy river which is one of my favorites.  They also have a wave pool, slides, a splash pad and an aquarium adventure.

The new movie The Dark Knight Rises will actually be played there on the biggest movie screen in Texas and that would certainly be a pretty awesome experience.  They also have other movies for kids and even educational shows as well.

They will have a Brew-masters International Beer Festival in August so check out the website to see what that's all about.  A few representatives were in earlier from Moody Gardens and these people brought a ball python into the studio.  I'm not a big fan of snakes but as you can see I let them put it on my bald head.  That was the weirdest feeling ever.  Probably for the snake too!  They have so many animals and fish for you to check out at Moody Gardens.

Make a whole weekend out of it.  You can go to Palm Beach one day and the pyramids another.  For more information you can check out