According to a new report, police video of an incident in which Gretchen Wilson got kicked out of a hotel in Las Cruces, N.M., in the middle of the night appears to contradict the hotel's claim that the "Redneck Woman" singer was being too loud before authorities were called to the scene.

The 46-year-old country singer was staying at the Hotel Encanto in Las Cruces following a performance at the Las Cruces Country Music Festival on Saturday, Oct. 12. Police responded to her room at around 3AM the following morning after hotel employees called them, alleging that they had been to Wilson's room repeatedly in response to noise complaints from other guests.

Police body camera footage the Associated Press obtained, but did not post, shows Wilson in a robe, looking "confused and angry" as she's informed that the hotel is asking her to leave. She tells the responding officers that she was asleep, adding, “We don’t even have a TV on. We were very quiet."

The AP reports that when officers enter Wilson's room, there is a television on. Wilson says that she and her fiance were drinking wine and talking quietly when they started getting phone calls about being too loud.

“You must be talking about another room,” she states. “It’s just been a nightmare at this hotel.”

A security guard at the hotel told police that someone had reported hearing arguing and a glass breaking. He alleged that Wilson had been defiant when approached about the complaints, telling the hotel to "call the cops." Wilson tells the officers that hotel employees only came to her door once, and they were retaliating against her because she had requested room service earlier and been denied.

The body camera footage also contains audio of a hotel employee telling the singer that the manager has decided she and her group can stay, which she refuses bluntly.

“We’re not going to stay. We are not," she says, adding, "We have been treated like (expletive) since we’ve been here."

In a statement, Wilson reiterated she had done nothing wrong.

“There had been no party, no music and not even a TV making noise when I was asked to leave,” her statement reads, according to the AP. “I was exhausted and upset just like anyone would be in this situation.”

Wilson turned to social media on Oct. 13 to complain about the treatment she had received at the hotel.

The incident in New Mexico happened 14 months after Wilson got arrested in Connecticut due to an alleged incident on an airplane. According to the original reports, she engaged in a verbal and physical altercation with another passenger on the flight, then turned belligerent when police questioned her. The charges were dropped in exchange for a small donation, and Wilson later claimed the whole thing had been blown out of proportion.

"There was no incident on an airplane," she said. "There were some words between state police and myself, that's where all of that came from."

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