Gretchen Wilson was asked to leave her New Mexico hotel room in the middle of the night after police were called to her room. The singer was reportedly kicked out for "being super loud," according to ABC television station KVIA in El Paso, Texas.

Wilson had played the Las Cruces Country Music Festival on Saturday Oct. 12 and was at the Hotel Encanto the following morning at about 3:30AM when police showed up to her room. She summarized what happened on Twitter, sharing a story that mostly falls in line with what hotel staff told 911 dispatchers.

"Was a guest in Las Cruces NM yest & had a blast w/ the people there (sic)," Wilson writes. "However, you should all band together to put Hotel Encanto out of business. Had to wait 2 hrs for breakfast. Then they sent police to kick me out in the middle of the night for no reason. I complied. Home early."

Police say officers arrived at 3:30 following a call from hotel staff who said they visited the country star's room multiple times within 30 minutes to get her to comply with hotel rules.

"She said that she was a celebrity, but I forgot to get her name," the caller says, according to KVIA. "Apparently, Gretchen something. She just played in the Country Music Festival."

"Her words (were) 'I paid for the room — I could care less what people think," the manager said.

The incident comes 14 months after Wilson was arrested in Connecticut for an incident on an airplane. Original reports were that a verbal and physical altercation took place between the "Redneck Woman" singer and another passenger, but after charges were dropped in exchange for a small donation, Wilson said the story was untrue.

"There was no incident on an airplane," she said. "There were some words between state police and myself that's where all of that came from."

Wilson spoke with Taste of Country days after the arrest, admitting that she was saddened by it all. Taste of Country has reached out to her spokesperson for additional comment on this incident in New Mexico.

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