As we continue to closely watch the tropical developments in the Gulf of Mexico Texas Governor Greg Abbott spoke to Texans today about staying weather aware as we approach the upcoming weekend.

The weather system in the Gulf looks to be headed towards the Texas coast and may bring with it heavy rains that could result in flash flooding from the Rio Grande Valley, the Coastal Bend, and on up into parts of Central Texas.

Abbott said, "I urge Texans across the state to monitor the weather in their area and take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones from possible flash flooding and heavy rainfall. As this tropical disturbance approaches Texas, we are taking several precautionary steps to prepare resources for our communities, and we will continue to monitor and proactively respond to any developments.”

The National Weather Service reports that the tropical wave in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico is expected to move Northwest across the Gulf and closer to Texas by the end of the week. The National Hurricane Center says we could see an 80% chance for tropical cyclones over the next 5 days. Residents of the Crossroads should follow this weather system closely for the rest of the week.

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