Governor Greg Abbott is asking all Texans to consider getting a flu shot this fall. shared a video of Abbott's request on Tuesday as part of a public service announcement for the state. Of concern for the nation is that this fall it could be possible for COVID-19 patients and influenza patients to compete for bed space in our Texas hospitals.

It depends on what you read. Some sources told a tale of overloaded Texas hospitals full of COVID-19 patients earlier in the year. Other publications attempted to point out that we did not have an issue with hospital space. Governor Abbott would rather we all be safe than sorry and go get a flu shot.


In the video, Abbott says, "Flu season is already here, and that means we all need to take extra care to stay healthy. That's why I urge every Texan to go get a flu shot. I got mine today." Abbott goes on to say a flu shot is the best way to slow the spread of influenza and prevent illness.

Some organizations plan to offer the flu shot for free this fall while others will have it available for purchase. Here in Victoria, Dr. John McNeill is encouraging everyone 6 months old or older to get a flu shot this year. McNeill told the Victoria Advocate that anyone who gets a flu shot will only be helping to prevent our area hospitals from battling two respiratory illnesses at once.

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