News Flash: It's 2021, and people do not need to walk around wondering if they are getting fat-shamed behind their back. Or maybe, in this case, sitting down just inches away from the person as they fat shame them over the phone.

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A Texas woman known as Landen Ewing online posted a TikTok video that went completely viral. This Texas baker was on a flight back to the Lone Star state when he discovers the man sitting next to her on the flight was fat-shaming her over text! (Scroll down to watch the entire video.)

The man had his phone out entirely in her view as he was texting his girlfriend. Landen glanced over to see what he was texting because curiosity killed the cat, only to find out the two were exchanging texts about her!

The man, who was sitting just a seat next to her, was complaining about a fat woman next to him, and his girlfriend replies, " Hahaha, tell her about keto." 

At this point, she is in for the ride. She gets out her camera and snaps a photo of the guy's phone screen with the text messages. The man had no shame in his game, talking about the woman right next time him, and he didn't even dim the screen or put in any effort to hide his malicious words.

The two were sitting so close to each other, and they were the only ones in the aisle; it was so hard for her not to see what he was saying. In the photo of the man's phone screen on her TikTok video, you can see him writing out one more text. She reveals what the entire text message read. The girlfriend he was texting told him to have a safe flight, to which he replied, "I'll be alright, don't think we'll make it off the ground."

The audacity. The shaming doesn't stop; the man kept going. Landen explained what happened after the camera stopped clicking," He continued to text about how fat I was and how he hates small flights with fat people." She ends the video by saying, so if your his girlfriend or wife and you see this, "YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS!".

The most ironic part of it all is this poor Texas woman is incredibly beautiful and looks pretty athletic and fit. Not that anyone should ever be a target for fat-shaming, but what was this guy even thinking? TikTok users speculate the man was just saying those hurtful things because he didn't want his girlfriend to know he was sitting next to a very beautiful woman. No matter the case, there's no justification for this guy.


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