If you haven't driven up North Star Drive in Victoria recently (that's the street where the KIXS 108/Townsquare Media studios and offices are), then you may not have seen the flurry of earth-moving activity happening on the piece of land in the middle of the two sections of the street. This area of grassy field had been, for many years, a place where aspiring Major League players would learn and practice their baseball skills. A rusty backstop is the only evidence left of what was once, I'm sure, a "field of dreams." And, it's only a matter of time before that metal relic of childhood days spent playing America's Pastime will be gone as well.

What's going on? A new fitness/workout center is being built. It's name will be FSU (don't ask me what it stands for). The land is being leveled, and soon a two-story building will rise from the grassy field where so many outdoor activities took place. The KIXS 108 studio overlooks this field, so I've sat staring out the window occasionally, and daydreaming...I've often thought it would be a great place to have an outdoor concert! Set up a big stage at the end closest to the radio station building, have concert-goers bring blankets and lawn chairs, have vendors set up on the streets on each side, and let the good times roll! Well, I guess my dream--while not related to baseball--won't be happening either. But perhaps, some of the now-grown-up kids who chased baseballs around this lot will work off their middle-age spare tires and get back into shape in the shiny, new FSU fitness center.

What was that famous line from the movie, Field of Dreams? "If you build it, they will come!"

I'm sure that's what the FSU folks are hoping!

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