Former Victoria Generals player, Nick Anderson has signed a free-agent deal with the Minnesota Twins.  Anderson played for the Generals back in 2016. Anderson played outfield while he was a General.  During the 2016 season with the Generals, Anderson played in 49 games batting 157 times. He led the Generals with 4 home runs. He also batted .287 during the season, which was the second-best batting average on the team that year.  Anderson was Subway Player of the Week and TCL Player of the week during his stint with the Generals.

The Victoria General are off to a slow start this year but look to get back on the winning side of the box score tonight.  The Generals will take on the Brazos Valley Bombers tonight at 7 PM.  The Generals currently hold a 1-5 record but have 16 games remaining this month to move up the standings and close in on the Flying Chanclas.

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Your next chance to see them in action is tomorrow evening at Riverside Stadium as they take on the Baton Rouge Rougarou. The first pitch is at 7:05. It's also another Free ticket night thanks to our friends at Vitoria College, so let's fill the stands and show some love for our Hometown Victoria Generals.  They will close out the week here at Riverside Park.

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