I won't lie. I've got a thing for Girl Scout cookies. Put a box of Tagalongs in front of me and I'll make them disappear in about two minutes flat. Put another box of them in front of me and I will curse your name even as I make that second box disappear.

But I won't do that trick with any of Hersha Howard's Thin mints. Why? Because Hersha loves her Thin Mints to the point of violence.

31-year-old Hersha Howard woke up her roommate early Sunday morning and accused her of eating her Thing Mints. The Collier County Sheriff's Office reports that when Hersha's roommate denied eating the cookies, Hersha proceeded to chase her with scissors. When the scissors didn't work, Hersha began to hit the roommate repeatedly with a board and then with a sign.

Police reported that the roommate's husband tried to separate the two when things turned ugly but Hersha was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Hersha has since been released on $10,000 bail and there is no word yet as to whether or not the Girl Scouts of America will be charged as accessories to the crime.

Seriously. Have you ever seen what happens when you tell a Girl Scout no when she offers to sell you cookies? Sheesh.