Whataburger just opened its first location in Missouri and let's just say that they were ready for that Texas Taste. The new Whataburger opened its doors at 10 AM and this was the line that immediately formed! Because I am a man of numbers and stats, I pulled up Google Maps and actually measured the distance from the information below. The line was just over half a mile long. Insane!  What is the longest you have ever waited in line for Whataburger?


Whataburger is already planning to open its second Kansas City area location in two weeks.  Yesterday was the first glimpse at the excitement Whataburger can bring to a city! It looks like they have a bright future in the Kansas City area.


I will say that Patrick Mahomes is the reason that Whataburger has started to pop up in the Kansas City area.  Back in 2018, Mahomes said in a public conference that his favorite ketchup was Whataburger ketchup. I guess those were powerful words because here we are. Mahomes will be a part of the ownership group.


In an article posted by kansascity.com, Mahomes answers this question, "There are several different things I get. I’ve gone there a lot in my life,” Mahomes said. “So obviously I get just the No. 1 with cheese, ketchup, pickles only, with a large fry and large Coke. But they also have this thing on Texas toast, a barbecue chicken strip sandwich which I like a lot."


Patrick Mahomes is a graduate of Texas Tech and has become the face of the Kansas City Chiefs franchise. Being a Texas boy, you kind of root for this kid, except for this Sunday as the Dallas Cowboys will take on the Cheifs in Kansas City.  LOL. It's gonna be a great game. Let's go Cowboys and let's go to Whataburger.

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