If you've had COVID-19, you could save a life.

According to South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, donating plasma for medical research could mean being a part of the cure for COVID-19 in the future as well as saving the life of a COVID sufferer now.

A few weeks ago we covered the local story highlighting South Texas Blood and Tissue Center's request for blood donors during a critical blood shortage. They have been offering a free COVID-19 antibody test in exchange for blood donations in an effort to boost blood donations and look for potential plasma donors. You can still donate blood and receive the antibody test until August 31st. 

You can read that article below. Or visit the STBTC Facebook page here.

Conducted by the FDA, through the STBTC, your plasma donations may help current COVID patients battle the disease during an infection through two investigational therapies derived from human blood.

"These are called convalescent plasma and hyperimmune globulin and are antibody-rich blood products made from blood donated by people who have recovered from the virus. The products can be administered to individuals diagnosed with COVID-19," the FDA offers on their site.

"Plasma is the clear, straw-colored liquid portion of blood that remains after red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and other cellular components are removed. It is the single largest component of human blood, comprising about 55 percent, and contains water, salts, enzymes, antibodies and other proteins. Plasma carries out a variety of functions in the body, including clotting blood, fighting diseases, and other critical functions." Donatingplasma.org offers.

While COVID-19 currently has no proven treatment, it is possible that convalescent plasma, which contains antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19, may provide passive immunity to certain patients with severe forms of the illness." The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center offers on their website which you can access here.

Just call 361.576.3651 or stop by 1109 Sam Houston to make your appointment if you'd like more information from the STBTC.

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