Victoria Eye Center and Townsquare Media would like to thank everyone who voted for their favorite first responder. We are excited to announce we have 3 winners from our Eyes on Our Heroes contest. Congratulations to Justin Horne, Phillip Garcia, and Liza Truillio who all won the gift of FREE LASIK. Meet each winner below and see what the person who nominated had to say.

Victoria Eye Center and Townsquare Media wants to thank all law enforcement for everything they do every day for our community. We truly appreciate your time and service.


Phillip Garcia -I nominate my husband, Senior Patrol Officer Phillip Garcia with the Victoria Police Department, for Lasik. He is a loving husband and father of our two boys, and has proudly served Goliad County for two years and the City of Victoria for three and a half years. With Lasik, Phillip would have better vision when working night shifts.  Patrolling streets and writing reports at night would be easier without glasses or contacts. Wearing contacts for 14 hour shifts causes a lot of fatigue on his eyes. Coming home after a long and rigorous shift, he is ready for bed, and not having to deal with taking contacts out would alleviate the inconvenience.Also, not having to wear glasses or contacts when engaged in physical activity associated with the job would be valuable. Glasses slip down when your face is sweating and fog up when changing environments. This could distract a police officer momentarily, and make a difference in a person’s life.Phillip was recently awarded a Police commendation for outstanding commitment and sense of public service. The gift of Lasik would show Phillip how much he means to us and that we appreciate all he does to keep Victoria safe.



Liza Trujillo currently works for the Victoria County Sheriffs Office. She has been in law enforcement for the past 13 years. She is currently working in the Courts Division, a hostage negotiator and is also an instructor for the G.R.E.A.T. Program. Liza prides herself on being a great influence to our community. She also strives to help young children with ways to stay safe, ways to deal with bullying and how to not become involved with gangs or drugs. She is very passionate about her daily jobs and responsibilities. She continues to attend training and classes to expand her knowledge in order to continue serving her community and being able to advance within law enforcement. Not having to worry about the burden of glasses or contacts would be very beneficial to her. Who wants to have the constant worrying of the possibility of breaking your glasses, scratching them or even losing them? She has enough on her hands to deal with therefore having this LASIK procedure would be an amazing stress relief for her. I could go on for days about all of the good qualities she has, but the number one thing she is to a lot of people is a hero. She risks her life daily to help so many. Now is your chance to help her make her life a little easier. Please consider Deputy Liza Trujillo for the LASIK procedure. She deserves it!!

Officer Justin Horne is a police officer with the Victoria Police Department who is absolutely in love with his job. He's one to always stay positive and bring his great sense of humor to his work; hopefully you'll be able to see that quality through my video submission! He's been wearing glasses/contacts since the second grade, and they're the number one cause for frustration when he is out protecting his community. Please help him not have to worry about the hassle of poor vision anymore



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