Dustin Lynch is putting the spotlight on his fans in his "Stars Like Confetti" music video as he tailgates with them ahead of a show.

The video opens with actual footage of fans prepping for a night of fun at Country Jam in Eau Claire, Wisc. Lynch was a part of the lineup in 2022, and likely filmed the music video that day.

Festival goers are seen playing beer pong and dancing — one fan even chugs a beer from a boot — before Lynch pulls up in a golf cart to spend some time with the crowd. He sips on beverages, sings autographs and poses for pictures.

The second half of the video is Lynch performing the song on stage with the audience singing along. At one point, confetti canons explode, sending a ton of silver confetti into the air — looking just like the stars reference in the song.

"Oh I don't remember what the radio was playin' / I was hangin' like the moon on all the words your lips were sayin' / All I know is there was magic in that Chevy / Baby you were glowin', God was throwin' stars like confetti ahh ahh / Stars like confetti ahh ahh," he sings in the chorus.

The falling in love, singalong anthem paints a picture of what Lynch might be looking for himself. Last year, he lamented to Taste of Country that he is single and confessed that he is lonely.

"Man, I wish I could say I have good news and say I'm off the market, but I don't," he said ahead of the CMA Awards. "I'm lonely!"

The "Seein' Red" singer admitted it's hard to meet people with the amount of time he spends on the road. He said when he returns from a tour he's not really looking to hit the town in hopes of finding someone.

"I'm terrible at knowing how to meet people right now, because when I come off the road, I just need to veg and chill and recluse," he shared.

Lynch recently acquired his pilot's license, which could create more opportunities to recuperate at home. This might open up some pockets of free time to date.

He's scheduled to hit the road again in March as he opens for Kane Brown on his Drunk or Dreaming Tour. The trek will keep him busy through June 10.

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