After releasing his third studio album, Current Mood, in September, Dustin Lynch felt inspired to look for ways to share more of his life with his fans. The result was a new Instagram series, in which the country singer wiped all the posts on his account up until that point and began uploading a series of longer, vlog-style videos detailing his daily life and what goes on behind this scenes of his musical career.

Lynch is using the vlogs as an opportunity to get personal with his followers, including in a post that documented his disappointment after not receiving an ACM Awards nomination for 2018. At a recent media event, the country singer spoke with The Boot and other reporters about his decision to offer fans this glimpse into his life.

"With the Current Mood album, we gave everybody a peek behind the curtain into what has been going on in my personal life, and I thought, 'Why not continue that?'" Lynch explains. "I've never been a big social media guy, but now that I have a vlog camera, and cameras in my truck and a confession cam in my house, it reminds me that I want to talk to people ... and tell them what I'm doing.

"There's a connection I thought was missing," he adds, "because no one knows who I am aside from someone onstage with a cowboy hat."

For Lynch, being vulnerable in the video series goes hand in hand with the process of writing and recording songs: "It absolutely gets my creative juices flowing," he says.

"For me, it's a kind of therapy," Lynch admits. "Especially in the future, I'm looking forward to being able to reflect back and get a bird's eye view of my life as it's flying past me."

Additionally, Lynch finds that he's able to connect with fans in a new way through his more intimate posts. The people who watch his videos can learn new things about the country singer or empathize with the ups and downs of his life.

"We're starting to see people who say, 'I feel the same way when that kind of thing happens to me!'" Lynch says. "It's cool to have that connection with my fans."

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