For many Dunder Mifflinites, 2021 started out on a rather bad foot. Netflix removed The Office from its streaming services on January 1, 2021; oh, what a sad, sad day.

Now, what are people going to play on the TV in the background all day and night? Does CBS stream The Dundies? Who will show us how to protect ourselves from the dementors??



Do not fret because there's some pretty good news.

Scranton is coming to Texas, briefly, but it will be the best few weeks you could imagine!

Two words: Dunder Mupplen. This is a pop-up bar, which us entirely The Office-themed is making its way to Houston on January 15. Inside this pop-up bar is various Office inspired photo-ops and photobooths. Strike a pose or hop on some props and strike a pose.


Think you know your stuff? Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is Office Trivia. Go with a group of friends and battle against the rest of the bar to find out who the ultimate fan is; you better know all the characters and everything in between to take that title.



Thursday and Friday, break out your best Office-themed outfit for their costume contest. However, if you're wearing a suit, just double check it's the correct fit and style; Michael made that mistake for all of us already.

The details on the menu haven't been laid out yet but expect it to be Office-themed, maybe coffee and mini-cupcakes?



Tickets go on sale at 3 p.m. January 4 and are expected to sell out. Don't miss out, it'll be a night you won't forget--"That's what she said!"


If you haven't heard by now, Netflix may have axed The Office from its platform, but Peacock is currently streaming all seasons of The Office plus bonus footage! Just in case you need your fix, you can get it here.

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