In honor of its 11th Inception Anniversary, members of the Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Club, whose members come from all over the United States, traveled to Bandera to celebrate their club's growing success by taking a ride through Kerrville. Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Club members consist of active, retired or reserve law enforcement officers from a variety of agencies and jurisdictions who include military service and citizens who support each other in their profession; to protect and serve others.

Sadly, this past Saturday after lunch, during their group ride in Kerrville Texas an alleged drunk driver swerved across the center stripe on Highway 16 in Kerrville hitting and killing three retired officers head-on, while critically injuring nine other Thin Blue Line Members during the tragic accident.

The alleged perpetrator, Ivan Robles Navejas, was arrested for intoxicated manslaughter and intoxicated assault. He has a prior record when in 2018 he hit someone with his truck and bit a part of the person's ear off.

The names of the deceased officers, Jerry Wayne Harbour, Joseph Paglia and Michael White, have been released and their service history is available on the Thin Blue Line Facebook page here. They were men who served their country and our communities.

Understandably, the Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Club is devasted over the loss of its members.

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