It's Spring Break in the Crossroads, a time to rest, recuperate or, in some cases, blow off a little steam. That likely involves enjoying an adult beverage or two but, before you go a little too crazy, keep in mind that Victoria law enforcement is out looking for you.

According to a VPD press release, local law enforcement will be looking for drivers who choose to drink and drive.  If you are pulled over for the suspicion of driving under the influence, police will have a “no refusal” policy meaning they will obtain a blood warrant.  Please don’t put you or someone else at risk by choosing to drink and drive.

The DWI Task Force is designed to help save lives by identifying impaired drivers and getting them off the roadways. Officers will enforce traffic laws while searching for those who choose to drive under the influence. Weekends and holidays tend to attract more drunk drivers to the road, so this task force was organized to address the critical issues and tragic results of DWI in Victoria County.

Local law enforcement would like to remind you, to “Think Before You Drink.” Arrange a designated driver before going out or make arrangements to have taxi pick you up. We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable Spring Break.

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