Drake White strives to do things differently.

"I always try to make things magical," he tells Taste of Country in the tool shed of his friend's home in Goodlesttsville, Tenn., while taking a break from filming the music video for "Livin' the Dream" in March. "I want to live the magic that is the music and the songs."

The video for "Livin' the Dream" shows exactly this magic. As White explains, the video starts out from the perspective of a butterfly that lands on his dog Writer's back. Things get interesting as the butterfly's point of view is transferred to the Golden Retriever, who is soon following along White and his wife, Alex, throughout the day.

"I bought him when I moved to Nashville, so he's been through all these ups and downs. [He's] seen me get married, been at the bottom of the barrel and doing all kinds of stuff," White says of his dog. "There's an anchor line in the lyric that says, 'Old Ford truck with a dog in the back,' and Writer has always rode in the back of my truck."

"Livin' The Dream" was directed by PR Brown, and White explains that the whimsical video is shot through the eyes of his dog.

The song was written by Jaren Johnston of the Cadillac Three, Luke Laird and Tom Douglas, and White says he immediately gravitated to the message within the lyrics.

"I loved the diversity in the title. It wasn't tailgates and cold beer and whiskey, it was really about, 'Hey, there is some heartache out there.' It's getting through that heartache and getting back up after it and seeing who's around still that makes you realize, this life is what you make of it."

Surrounded by friends and family on the porch of his friends Larry and Robyn Hawkings' home, White was all smiles while filming the musical performance portion of the video. Throughout the day, it was evident that White himself was living his dream.

"How many people get to wake up on Monday and do this? That's the mentality I want to wake up every day of my life," he says. "I think it's up to me to wake up and make sure that happens."

Drake White
Credit: Annie Reuter

So how does White maintain "livin' the dream" every day between touring commitments, family life and making new music?

"It's difficult and it's not taking yourself too seriously," he stresses. "It's waking up and training your mind to wake up in a state of gratitude. 'How can I make the most out of the day?' The U.S. especially, this country is addicted to work. I've traveled all the world. I've been to New Zealand and they take a break. They take a nap at noon. It's like, 'You can take it easy.' You can stay focused and create."

In the song, White sings of living in the moment, something the singer takes to heart.

"You only have one life to live. I've seen people die of heart attacks and die of car wrecks right in front of you. They're 30, 40 and 50 years old," he says, then pauses. "I'm 32 years old. When I get a No. 1, I'm gonna want to get another No. 1. When I build a house, I'm going to want to build another addition onto the house. Don't let your emails and your little bulls--t projects run your life. Run your life and do your projects because you want to do them. That's been a big breakthrough for me."

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