Dolly Parton is the muse in a new documentary that’s set to debut at the 2012 Nashville Film Festival, which runs the week of April 19-26. Though the appropriately titled ‘Hollywood to Dollywood’ might sound like a documentary about the Queen of Country Music herself, it actually chronicles the adventures of two identical twin brothers, Gary and Larry Lane, who are hoping to get Parton to star in their screenplay ‘Full Circle.’

The feature-length documentary follows the North Carolina natives as they leave their Hollywood home on a trip to Dollywood to try and find their idol and get the screenplay into her hands, according to a report from the Boot. They’ve tried once before and failed, so this time they’re determined to meet the singer in person and physically get the script to her that way. Incidentally, Dollywood just so happened to be ringing in its 25th anniversary while the film was being shot.

The brothers set out on their journey in their RV, which they’ve affectionately named Jolene (sound familiar?), but the film doesn’t promise a boring road trip of any sort. As it turns out, the 36-year-olds encounter some pretty epic things while on their mission, including the Nashville flood and an Oklahoma tornado. Oh yeah, and they also have a handful of celebrity friends who make cameos and add to the entertainment element of their story. These friends include people like actors Leslie Jordan, Beth Grant, Ann Walker and Chad Allen.

Though we can’t spoil the end of the film here, you can catch it at the Nashville Film Festival this year, which marks the 43rd year of the festival’s existence. The festival will include more than 250 new films, several of which tie into the theme of music. Tickets for the event go on sale at the beginning of April.