Placido Benavides road has been open for almost a year and a half already. The question is, do you use the new thoroughfare to get to the northside of town?  The new road was installed to help ease traffic on Navarro. Has the new road helped with traffic on Navarro? Do you think 2 lanes are enough?  Let us know your thoughts in the Facebook comments of this article.

Accidents on Navarro were one of the main reasons for the construction of the new road. Last year,  Navarro intersections were 5 of the top 6 dangerous intersections, including 3 intersections of Navarro that Placido Benavides bypasses.
While Placido Benavides road is nice and smooth, Victoria has its share of terrible roads. From the roller coaster ride on Vine Street behind Pinto Bean to North Street in front of Patti Welder. Here is a list of the worst roads in Victoria. This list is not official, it's just what I consider the worst roads in town.


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