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Monday evening, San Antonio authorities were notified of a frantic 911 call from a man who spoke Spanish saying, " We are running out of oxygen," then a few moments later, the distressing 911 call droppped.

The investigation is still ongoing with Homeland Security Investigations now involved at this time, in what many believe to be a smuggling situation, involving almost a hundred undocumented immigrants thought to be smuggled inside of a locked white tanker trunk that was traveling through San Antonio when the distress call was made.

The white tanker, normally used to haul water is thought to contain at least 80 passengers of all ages who might have been traveling at that time on I-35. The white tanker is thought to be following behind a black truck.

The 911 call is disheartening to hear. The man who makes the call frantically offers that they are "running out of oxygen." He doesn't know his exact location. You can hear the distress of the other passengers in the background as well. " We need help, we are dying."

KENS 5 obtained surveillance video from a business near Von Ormy in which a white tanker can be seen following a black pickup truck before pulling over to the shoulder. Salazar believes it might be the white tanker authorities are continuing to look for.


"This truck could be here locally, or it could be in another part of the country by now," authorities say. "We just don't know."

Sadly, there has not been an update at this time, but authorities are continuing the search. We will keep you posted on this story as new information arrives. 

Here is the Kens5 news coverage including the actual 911 call.

Please keep in mind before playing it that is distressing to hear.

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