Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, aliens from outer space, and the 'chupacabra' are all legends that just about everyone has heard of. Whether you believe in the creature known as the "chupacabra" or not, it apparently makes a great story for television.

Tales of the chupacabra return to the television airwaves Saturday when National Geographic Wild broadcasts the episode "Goat Sucking Ghoul" on the series "Wide Scene Investigation." The Victoria Advocate says portions of the show were filmed on two DeWitt County properties, Ridge View Ranch and 7C Ranch. 7C Ranch is the home of Phylis Canion, who was at the center of the most recent chupacabra frenzy when an animal was discovered near her ranch in the summer of 2007.

"National Geographic had a gathering of us that have all witnessed the beast first-hand," Canion said. "I am still the only one that has one in hand and that has been DNA tested - now more than seven times, all with the same result." And that result is ... ? Tune in Saturday night to find out. Check local listings for times.