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Being A Rowdy Dallas Cowboy Fan In Texas Can Be Very Dangerous

Texans are shaking their heads at the news of a Dallas Cowboy fan who went to far with his cheering and ticked his neighbor off.

Now both the fan and the disgruntled neighbor are recovering in a Texas hospital, both in stable condition.

SAPD are investigating two neighbors who both went way to far. Way to far.

It happened in San Antonio last night before the heavily charged Dallas Cowboy game against San Diego Chargers was even finished. The argument, between neighbors wasn't about being zealot fans of opposing teams.

Oh no, this argument was about the noise level.

Have you ever been in a house watching a football game and you are totally quiet? That NEVER happens!

Dallas Cowboy fans usually go all out when it comes to showing their team spirit, but this feud was on a whole other level.

Apparently one neighbor of a Dallas Cowboy fan thought the noise during the game was just to loud.

By 9:30pm last night, SAPD were investigating the crime scene while two grown men were rushed to the closest hospital, both with multiple stab wounds.

Who was in the wrong?

Witnesses explained that the two feuding neighbors apparently got into an argument over the noise level during the game.

They eventually both drew knives and proceeded to stab each other multiple times.

What level of fandom are you?

We've seen lots of fandom in Texas especially when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, but these two men will have lots to think about as they recover from their stitches.

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