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Brazos, a male Asian elephant, has been born at the Ft. Worth Zoo.

I'm not sure what I'm most excited about! The fact that another perfectly healthy Asian elephant has been born at the Ft. Worth Zoo or that there is a Youtube channel Zoo Borns that offers videos on baby animals.

Born just a few weeks ago, on October 21st, zookeepers say Brazos is both rambunctious and naughty! LOVE IT!

Ft. Worth Business Press/Youtube
Ft. Worth Business Press/Youtube

Baby Elephant Facts

This big boy was 255 pounds at birth! Brazos, who is named after the Brazos River in Texas, was 255 pounds and 37 inches tall when Momma, Bluebonnet, delivered him. Did you know that elephant calves on average are able to stand on their own within minutes of being born? By day two, calves are amazingly able to keep up with the herd! And check this out, calves nurse from their mother for an average of two years or more. Some have even been seen drinking milk from their mother until age ten. And they drink about 3 gallons of milk a day!

You can learn more about amazing elephants by checking out this great article on the World Wildlife Federation webpage here.

If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift, you can actually adopt an elephant through the WWF. Check that out right here.

Ft. Worth Zoo is doing a stellar job with the preservation of Asain Elephants!

According to an article by Star-Telegram, which you can read here, Brazos is the fourth calf born at the Ft. Worth zoo since the elephant breeding program began in 1986. His mother, Bluebonnet, was born in 1998, while his aunt Belle and half-brother Bowie were born in 2013. In the article, it's shocking to read that ninety-nine elephants are killed every day in the wild. It's programs like the one at Ft. Worth Zoo that ensure elephants will be around for our grandchildren to discover and enjoy.

Thank you to the Ft. Worth Business Press for this Youtube video of baby Brazos.

See you at the Ft. Worth Zoo! 




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