Taking over the mic this morning was Crystal as my mornings co-host. I love having company in the studio with me. Crystal is a native Victorian and likes dogs. Her favorite quote is  'Believe There is GOOD in the world.'  She always wanted to be a teacher growing up. I asked her if she won the lottery would be the first thing she would do and she told me pay off student loans  which is pretty smart. The chore she hates the most is cleaning the bathroom. Her favorite artist is Thomas Rhett and likes his song Take You Home. If three songs would be included on the soundtrack to her life she chose Iris- goo goo dolls, Thomas Rhett- sorry for partying, Anthem Lights- can't get over you. Last but not least if she was immortal for a day, what would she be. Crystal would sky dive into the ocean and swim to the very bottom and explore the depths of the ocean. Thank you Crystal for coming in and being my co host!If you want to be my next co host click here to enter.