UPDATE*** STJ will NOT be hosting online classes today. STJ is closed.

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With the Crossroads reaching near record lows and winter storm warnings abound, many of our area schools have decided for the safety of students, staff, and residents to temporarily close schools throughout the Crossroads region.

This is the closure schedule as approved today, Monday, February 15th. We will keep you informed as things change rapidly in inclement weather especially with power outages reported throughout the region.

Tuesday's weather looks like it will include to include a winter storm warning for the morning hours with a high of 35 degrees and could include a possible chance of freezing rain throughout the day into the evening with a low tomorrow of 31 degrees.

The following Crossroads schools have decided to close school for the following day; we will continue to update this list as schools advise us.

Nursery ISD has announced it will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Classes will likely resume Thursday pending better weather conditions.

Cuero ISD has announced they will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday and will institute a LATE START for Thursday with schools reopening at 10 am.

Meyersville ISD will follow the Cuero ISD schedule and will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and will institute a LATE START for Thursday with schools reopening at 10 am.

Victoria ISD has announced all VISD schools will be closed tomorrow. This includes online classes being closed as well.

Trinity Episcopal School will be closed tomorrow.

Our Lady of Victory is out of school tomorrow.

Saint Joseph High School will host online classes tomorrow and throughout the remainder of the week.

Again, we will continue to update as more information is received. Let us know via app if your school is also closed tomorrow as well.

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