Whataburger is "Keeping It Hot' by celebrating Cinco De Mayo with a Jalapeño pepper eating contest!  And, you can win some big prizes!  To be clear..
  • 1 st Place:  Whataburger for a Year 
  • 2 nd Place: $25.00 Whataburger Gift Card 
  • 3 rd Place: $15.00 Whataburger Gift Card 
Why Cinco DE Mayo? Well, Whataburger is one of our presenting sponsors of the Cinco De Mayo Guac Party – Thursday May 5th Downtown at Santa Rosa and Main Street. Come on out for this FREE Cinco De Mayo celebration from 5pm-9pm – There’ll be entertainment from Ballet Folklórico along with live groups and singers! And, Brother Gary Moses will be awarding the Wrestling Championship Belt to the local restaurant with the best Guac in the Crossroads!
OK - now back to the Hot, hot, hot contest...The Whataburger "Keepin' It Hot" Jalapeño Eating Contest will start at 6pm on May 5th at the Cinco De Mayo Guac Party – Downtown at Santa Rosa and Main Street.  You'll have to sign a waiver before you take part. Here are the official rules and the entry form is below.  IDs will be checked to make sure you fit age requirements.   Please read carefully before entering...
  • Contestants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Each contestant on each team will receive 12 whole jalapeño peppers (with stems) and 60 seconds to eat them.
  • The contestant who consumes the most peppers in the least of amount time wins Once the allotted 60 second time period is up, the stems remaining on the plate will be used as verification that the jalapeño was consumed.
  • The winning team will be decided by how many remaining stems the contestants from each team have collectively. Whataburger has sole discretion to determine if a pepper has been fully consumed.
  • Whataburger will provide each contestant with a beverage that can be kept on the table. Contestants will not be allowedany other foods or beverages during the contest.
  • Contestants will not be allowed to have napkins or any other objects near them during the competition.
  • Contestants will be disqualified should they prove unable to keep peppers down.
  •  Contestants cannot coat the inside of your mouth with any kind of protective coating. Contestants caught doing so will be disqualified.
  • 1 st Place:  Whataburger for a Year
  • 2 nd Place: $25.00 Whataburger Gift Card
  • 3 rd Place: $15.00 Whataburger Gift Card




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