Sadly, last night, a Victoria man in his 40s passed away with COVID-19 making this our 109th death from COVID and COVID-related issues and Victoria County is seeing another day of our hospitalization rate maintaining an above-average rate of 18.02%

Victoria Advocate reports that " Out of 322 total hospitalizations, 109 of the patients have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the state data shows, at this time.

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News outlets, like the latest report by ABC 13, are reproting that the latest COVID-19 variant that has been identified in the United Kingdom has made it's way to Texas as well, with a man in his 30's to '40s in Harris County ( Houston)  reported to have tested positive with the latest COVID variant strain. It's been reported that the man had not traveled to the UK, in fact, he hasn't traveled at all recently.

"The fact that this person had no travel history suggests this variant is already circulating in Texas," said Dr. John Hellerstedt, DSHS ( Department of State Health Services) commissioner. "This should make us all redouble our commitment to the infection prevention practices that we know work: masks any time you're around people you don't live with, social distancing, and personal and environmental hygiene," Dr. Hellerstedt offers.

The strain has been identified in other states as well, but this is the first reported case in Texas.

To keep up with the most updated information in Victoria, the Victoria County Health Departments offers a daily dashboard for community members that you can access here.

Stay safe Victoria!

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