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We are obsessing about CAMEO right now!

You can seriously get lost in a rabbit hole when perusing the Cameo website, so in the name of saving our Texan friends serious time, we've picked 15 Texas Cameos for you to consider getting a Cameo from or giving a Cameo as a gift. But this is JUST THE BEGINNING. When we say obsessed, we mean it. These 15 Texas Cameo are just the beginning of the lists we want to make for you.

So what is a CAMEO anyway?

Cameo, if you haven't heard is a website where you can connect with celebrities of all genres with " cameo" calls and videos sent to you or someone you might want to gift a Cameo to, and once you get online to their website, you will LOSE YOUR MIND. There are so many celebrities and athletes, and authors and comedians, and YouTubers and fashion-forward thinkers and.. and... and. You've just got to check out the website!

We ordered a Cameo!

If you think you would be speechless if you met one of your favorite stars, you've still come to the right place! Some celebs will video chat with you, some will send you a Cameo message of your choice!

I was shocked to see that the Cameos are actually pretty affordable ranging from $15 to several hundred dollars. We were perusing the website when I typed in " Texas Longhorns" and lo and behold, Cameron Dicker, the University of Texas Longhorn's current kicker was offering a cameo video for under $50.00. Jaw dropped. Our daughter is about to leave for college and she is obsessed with UT football. We placed our order last night and now we are waiting for a confirmation. I'll keep you posted! In the meantime, here are our top 15 Texas Cameo picks so far. And so far so GREAT! Check them out!

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