While Charlie Sheen mania seems to be calming down a bit, the self-proclaimed possessor of "Adonis DNA" is betting that some the colorful catchphrases he coined or popularized during his unprecedented pop cultural rampage will stick around for a long time.

Hydro-gliff, a California company that was formed last month and has the same address as Sheen's lawyer, has applied to trademark 22 of Sheen's notorious utterances, such as "Duh, Winning," "Tiger Blood," "Rock Star from Mars" and "I’m Not Bipolar, I’m Bi-Winning."

Through Hydro-gliff, Sheen also seeks the rights to "Sober Valley Lodge," which he has been calling his house, and "Sheen's Goddesses," which is how he refers to his two girlfriends.

Winning the trademarks would allow Sheen to license them, and could help offset the financial hit he took when he lost his $1.8 million per-episode 'Two and a Half Men' gig.

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