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It's Monday, March 29th and today is a very special day for all of our local Mom and Pop shops because today is National Mom and Pop Business Owner's Day!

If there was a day to SHOP LOCAL today is the day!

We want to show love to ALL of our Mom and Pop shops in the Crossroads so to get started we're going to ask you a very fun question. You know that we are going to be giving away $10,000 in the weeks ahead and we want to know which local mom and pop shop you would spend all that cash at in the Crossroads.

First, check out the latest article about your chance to win $10.000 cash up to 10 times a day which is all going to be on our station's apps so be sure to download the app today!

Now to shout out to our local Mom and Pop shops! According to the National Day website, Mom and Pop local shops constitute 70%, that's right, 70% of the new businesses in America today! If you've ever owned your own business you know this means longer hours and more commitment to work and community when you own a Mom and Pop shop.

Let us know via our station apps what local Mom and Pop shop you'd like to shout out to! Tell us what Mom and Pop shop in the Crossroads you'd spend your $10K at if you won!

Even if you can't shop local right this minute, another suggestion we'd like to offer is to take a second to get online and shout out to the Mom and Pop shops you love in the Crossroads via their social media pages. Either way, you will make their day!

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