Andre Del Bosque is the first UHV pitcher to be drafted into MLB. He recorded 13 saves for UHV baseball in his past year as a closer, breaking another record for the program. Andre has great potential on the mound and was picked in the 38th round by the New York Yankees. So what is he doing now? Andre is in Tampa Florida. We asked him what is your typical day like? He wakes up at 6, gets on the shuttle to the field and eats breakfast. They have eggs, potatoes, oatmeal anything you can name. Then they stretch, run and throw, work on defense, batting practice, conditioning, lunch, workout, and then scrimmages. Then they have the rest of the day off. After that he usually goes home and takes a nap, eats dinner, and back to bed again. Andre said he misses his family and friends.

We asked his sister Alana about her brother. She gets a big smile on her face and says how proud of him she is. “He has made everyone so proud and I could not be any more blessed with a brother as strong as he has been.” Andre sent her this text once which she holds close to heart, “There have been times I have hated baseball, but from experience, I know that anger is frustrated love. You don't get mad at something you don't love. I've sat out two entire years without touching the field and me knowing I could do better than everyone out there. I felt like quitting once. I felt like I would never see the field again. But I overcame that cancerous thought in my head that I won't play, and I won't heal, and I manned up and realized I'm meant to play baseball. I worked so hard, put so much time and pain into this game, and failed so many times. I realized I love this game. And there isn't a thing or person who will stop me from playing it. I know you don't bust your butt and take mess from others for nothing. You do it because you love envy, you love pain, and you love success. Remember how good it feels to succeed. Remember what pain feels like, what failing feels like, and that moment you overcome it with success. Nothing feels better. Not money, not boyfriends/girlfriends...nothing feels better.” Alana’s advice to her brother has always been, “A ball player spends a good piece of his life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.”

For anyone who feels like giving up remember why you started: We wish Andre and his team the best of luck Saturday when they play Daytona. We look forward here at Townsquare Media to following Andre’s baseball career.