In my opinion, Morgan Wallen is the hottest act in country music. From sold-out shows to continuously topping the charts, this guy is having an epic 2022, and here is another reason to love the guy!  Wallen recently surprised the Humphreys County Dixie League from Waverly, Tennessee with an all-expenses paid trip to get to the 'World Series.' This will include travel, rooms, and even souvenirs.

What an amazing gesture! See the video that Wallen recorded and the team's reaction below. The team will be sending Morgan Wallen a custom game jersey as well as a baseball that the entire team signed for him. Two of the greatest things in America: baseball and country music!

The town of Waverly has been through a lot in the past year. Waverly suffered a massive flood last year that destroyed many of the schools in the county, placing many kids in refurbished schools including many players on the team.

Morgan has already raised over $725,000 to help the community of Waverly!

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Country Now caught up to one of the assistant coaches, Stephen Wilson.

Wilson offers, “These kids... they’ve lost their schools. They’re in temporary schools right now, most of them are,” Wilson continued. “They’re several of them who come from single-parent households and I know every one of them are Morgan Wallen fans. A couple of them even have little mullet haircuts. It just means the world," Wilson smiles. The team winning uplifted the community and Morgan doing this to help these kids out… His support is just tremendous.”

Morgan Wallen's next Texas tour stop is on October 8th in Arlington at Globe Life Park, get tickets!


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