Carrie celebrated the release of her new "My Gift" Christmas album with a gift just for you.

It was a $5,000.00 shopping spree sponsored by Kimberlite Homes.

That's right, to make your holiday extra bright, Carrie Underwood gave you the opportunity to win a $5,000 shopping spree! It was five-thousand dollars’ worth of gifts for girls, boys, friends and family! Toys. Clothes. Gadgets. Home goods galore. And so much more! All you had to do was listen for the codes and enter them on the KIXS app!

Carrie's "My Gift" album, was released on Sept.25th to wide acclaim.

"Now more than ever, we all need to focus on what Christmas is about, rely more on our family," Underwood says, alluding to the novel coronavirus pandemic that has upended "normal" life in 2020, "and even though it has been a tough year, sometimes I feel like the greatest realizations can come during the worst times or the most stressful times. And it makes you more thankful for the things that you do have." Carrie offers.

And we are super excited to announce we have a winner! Andrea C!!! 

Photo Credit TSM
Photo Credit TSM

Congrats Andrea!

We can't wait to hear what she spent her shopping spree on this Christmas! 

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In the meantime, we can all CELEBRATE the holidays together here in the Crossroads with lots of ways to feel like we are giving and getting the gifts of a loving community.

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