Joining me in the studio this morning from Calhoun High was Gabby(in the middle) and Megan.  Gabby is a co-captain of the cheerleaders and Megan is also part of the cheer squad!  This morning was tons of fun for all three of us.  They even did a couple of cheers on air and really showed that Sandcrab spirit!  Calhoun's Homecoming pep-rally is Friday afternoon to pump them up for their Homecoming game against Corpus Christi Carroll, Friday night at Sandcrab Stadium.  Their Homecoming celebration is after Friday nights game in the form of fun and games.  If you happen to run in to these two ladies be sure you clap( a cheerleader clap)  one time when you see them, it will make them smile! Remember Sandcrab nation, show your school spirit!