Calhoun County, Goliad County, and Jackson County will no longer have to wear a face mask in public.  The Texas Division of Emergency Management posted criteria for a county to be exempt from the face-covering requirement and all three counties meet the criteria(listed below.)
     Back in July, Gov. Abbott issued Executive Order GA-29 relating to the use of face coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Seventy counties of the 254 counties in Texas have received approval to lift the mask mandate, including Jackson, Calhoun, and Goliad, see the full list of counties here.    While the mask mandate has been lifted, business owners are allowed to require masks in their business, if they prefer.  Calhoun County ISD and Goliad ISD will still require mask/face covering for face-to-face learning.  Edna ISD is not requiring facemask anymore.
In related news for Victoria County, bars will open their doors will open tomorrow. Now we wait for the mask to come off in Victoria.

Industrial ISD has also posted this on their Facebook page.

Here are the criteria issued by The Texas Division of Emergency Management:

1. The county must have 20 or fewer new COVID-19 cases during the previous 14 day period

.2. The county judge of a county with 20 or fewer new COVID-19 cases during the previous 14 day period must submit an exemption form affirmatively opting out.

3. Counties approved for exemption from the GA-29 face-covering requirement will be listed below.

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